Been waiting a month for my payment


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    Thank you for the feedback. 

    Appreciate that there is quite the wait to get your money. As we develop, we hope to improve this process.

    However, waiting a month and a half does not seem too much out of the ordinary. If you were not aware, currently, it takes us 40 days to approve a withdrawal request. During this time, we have to make manual compliance and security checks to meet international standards. Once payment is approved, you should get notified of this, and we send the money to you. At which point, this is out of our hands and then depends on the processing times of your bank as well as your country and withdrawal method. So, it can take 1-4 weeks more to receive your money. 

    If your payments have been approved by us and you feel you are waiting overly long for it to reach your account, you would first need to contact your bank and check with them if the payment is pending or if there are issues. If so, contact customer support directly also via

    If there is an error or the transaction failed for some reason, the money would be put back into your G-Loot Wallet, and you would be notified. 

    If your withdrawal request has not been approved yet, then there may be some delays. As it is largely a manual process right now, if there is a high amount of withdrawals to process, it can slow things down.

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  • Alextorrescampanelli

    I have the same problem, but I have waited more than 2 months and still haven't received it, I have already contacted the support, I have been waiting for a response for 3 days now, I would like to know about the problem

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  • MEH


    If you have only recently created a support ticket for this, please be advised it can take 2-4 days for them to respond. So it might be that the support team has not got to your ticket yet, but they should hopefully respond soon. 

    Was your payment approved by us, but you have not received the money in your bank? If this is the case I reccomend contacting your bank while you wait for support to get back to you to check in with them if there were any complications. As once we send the money we are unable to track it and so it's down to your bank to process it and add it to your account. 

    If you are still waiting on your payment to be approved by us, then all you can do is wait for support to contact you and they will be able to provide more information on your withdrawal. 

    In either case, if your payment did not go through or we declined your request you would be notified by email about this. So please check your spam/junk folders to make sure you have not missed an email from us. 


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