• MEH

    Hey No0T_

    Thanks for sharing your suggestion with us!

    At this stage, we of course cannot make any guarantees on which games we will add in the future so watch this space. 

    What kind of challenges would you like to see for outriders? 

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  • No0T_

    I tthink there could be weapon type challenges like headshots with a cerrtain type of gun (like snipers, burst weapons and rifles) and confirmed kills on certain classes of enemies which are common like brawlers cutthroats and the perforos which are all common and are at all on most missions (which would include smgs shotguns assault riflesetc) then also have class specific challenges for each of the four classes (tank, pyromancer, trickster and the gadget guy [cant remember what hes called]). BTW thanks for responding so fast thanks for your response and considering my ideas :)

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