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  • MEH

    Hey Naxarz,

    Thanks for the detailed feedback! You can expect that we will continue to develop our services more, and add more worthwhile features to the platform. I don't have much to share on that front right now, but I will make sure the team sees this. 

    I am not sure if you have seen the in-depth stats reports we released for Valorant recently? You can see that here, if not:

    Perhaps this is what you mean by guides? 

    We have also started sending out emails with stat reports for certain games and hopefully something we will continue to build upon as well! 

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  • Naxarz

    Thank you, I am aware and I already looked at this report about what you were going to do with the Valorant, and more or less it is what I am asking you but with more variety of games. But I understand that these things take time.
    also this week I got a report on my data from all the games of "Apex Legends". I understand that you are still working on it, and I suppose that sharing the data by mail is something that is done to indicate that you are working on it, and I suppose that the future is that, as in Valorant, this information can also be accessed from the App itself, since at the user experience level, having to be aware that the email arrives with this detailed information can become somewhat tedious for some people ... But I have no complaints, you can see that They are working to create something good, and that is why I want to give my opinion on these things. Keep it up, this is the way.

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