4 months, same problems


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    Hey Woulman, 

    Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your feedback. I appreciate that bugs and technical issues can cause a lot of frustration for our users; however, the dev team is constantly working to resolve these issues and have been rolling out fixes to address them. However, if you have lost a challenge due to tracking issues with the client or the challenge gave out the wrong result (a loss when it should have been a win, for example) please contact support directly. They can look into it, and where possible, will issue a refund for the entry fee. This article might be helpful: https://help.gloot.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012887380-Refunding-entry-fees.

    I am not a programmer or dev myself, but as I am sure you can understand, while we hope that the fixes that are implemented will address the problems users encounter, that might not always be the case. We might fix one thing and a new problem crops up that was not expected. It could also be that the problem users are facings is something particular to them. If we cannot recreate the problems ourselves, it can make it trickier to figure out how to solve the problem. Unfortunately, there is not one magical line of code or solution that fixes all, and so it is an iterative process that can sometimes take more time to explore. It is certainly not to keep people's money from them as you suggest. 

    That's why it super important to continue to report suspected bugs or technical issues you are facing with customer support so it can be tracked and logged properly and relayed to the dev team to investigate. 

    If you have reported the problems to support, thank you for doing so, and I kindly as for your patience as they investigate the problem, and hopefully resolve it for you. 

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