Denied withdrawal request




  • greg.falzon


    I recently tried to transfer funds from my account back to the card i used to deposit and it was denied.  The funds were returned to my wallet in the game (mad skills 2).  Why did this happen and what do i need to do to successfully with draw funds?

  • greg.falzon



    I just started receiving the “you don’t have enough rights” message on my mad skills game?


    What does this mean and why is it happening? I have approximately $70 in my account with another $44 pending withdrawal approval.  I obviously do not want to lose all that I have earned


    I googled the message and it says that I have multiple accounts.  I deleted the game years ago and then downloaded it to start playing again. I lost all my progress so started again.  I never played any cash games on the other account.  I would have preferred that I got that account back when I restarted the game but it started on my daughters account so I just started again on that one.  Have not played the other account as I have no idea how to find it. 


    How can I fix this and keep playing?




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